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Family Dental Center Of Connecticut: General Dentistry For The Entire Family
Our goal is to provide quality dental care in a caring and comfortable environment. We recognize each patient's individual needs and concerns and provide the best and most painless service possible. Ultimately we want to help people maintain a healthy mouth and teeth for life.


Affordable Price;Senior Citizen Discounts;No Charge Consultations;Same Day;Saturday & Late Evening Appointments;Children Dentist

Contact Info: 150 Hazard Ave, Just Off Exit 47e, Enfield, CT 06082
(860) 763-5522
Our services include:
We welcome new patients and we offer care for all members of your family. We offer the kind of attention only a neighbour can give you...just ask around.



Allergies & Plaque Buildup
Signs of spring can bring more than flowers in bloom for people with allergies. Sneezing attacks and running noses can make life pretty miserable, even when the sun is shining. That's why a lot of allergy sufferers turn to antihistamines for relief. What many people don't know is that many allergy medications can cause problems in your mouth. Antihistamines may do a good job of drying out runny noses, but they also dry out your mouth.

That means less saliva to wash away debris from your teeth. Over time the plaque will build up around teeth and gums and cause cavities. If you are taking antihistamines, the best remedy is to drink plenty of water and keep your mouth moist. Brushing and flossing after each meal will keep your smile healthy and stop plaque from getting a hold of your teeth.

The Life & Times of Your Teeth
Check out what stage your teeth are in and what you can do to keep your mouth healthy.

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Dental Safety For Infants
Some helpful tips to avoid accidents and injury to the face, mouth and teeth:

Dental Safety For Infants
  • Give approved, one-piece teething rings
  • Use safety-gates across stairs
  • Always used approved car seats in automobiles
  • Make sure toys are age-appropriate
  • Keep electrical cords disconnected and out of sight